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Yoga with Laura

Hi, I’m Laura, a certified RYT200 instructor with a passion to share yoga on and off the mat. Having had a life changing experience after beginning my yoga practice over 3 years ago I knew I was destined to teach. I guide the classes from what I was taught in training, but more importantly, from the needs of what I have learned in my personal practice. My heart’s desire is for everyone to experience that every BODY can do yoga! I hope to break down the “yoga myths” that you must be flexible, a certain body style, age, gender, etc. I create a “come as you are” environment so that each yogi becomes comfortable and grows in their own practice.

Em-Power Vinyasa

This class is for discovering and growing your personal empowerment through a smooth, strong and steady vinyasa flow. With many pose modification options, this class is for all levels of yoga experience. You will find that strengthening your body has an amazing effect on your physical and mental well-being. The music is upbeat, non-traditional and energizing making it a fun time on your mat.

Stretch and De-Stress

This class is all about deeply stretching out all the tension and resistance in your mind and body created by the crazy thing called “life”! No matter where you are in your yoga practice, newbie or seasoned, this class is for you. The YOU who deserves the time to rejuvenate and recalibrate mentally and physically. The music is “feel good”, non-traditional, easy listening, setting the atmosphere for an restorative experience.

Em-Power Praise and Pose

Stretch and De-Stress Praise and Pose

Both classes have all the same awesomeness as the sister classes except contemporary Christian music is played. Practicing yoga with this music is an incredible, spiritual, and inspiring experience. The music is still class appropriate for energetic or restorative flow.

Things to bring to class:

Yoga mat (or 2 if you want extra cushion!)

Water bottle


*Yoga block(s)

*Yoga strap

*Not necessary but encouraged for a better yoga experience Arrive 10 minutes before class begins. For consideration of other yogis, late arrivals will not be able to join after class begins.

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